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Gift A Need And Make A Smile


Gift A Need And Make A Smile Foundation

GANAMAS is not someone’s own. Whoever has a heart to help the needy can join us and help someone to have a better life. You are always welcome to join our team.

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About Us

Everyone is entitled to have basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, education and medical aids and ability to lead an independent life. These are human rights to achieve equality. To put this noble thought in to every individual’s heart and soul, we named ourselves as GANAMAS (Gift A Need And Make A Smile) Foundation.

GANAMAS Rehabilation Center

Our first project is to Help Physically n Mentally challenged children with free Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Special Education & Behavioural Management. Physically and mentally challenged children should get therapies daily. We have set monthly, half yearly and annual goals for every child to get betterment in their condition. We even set a long term goal to get these children vocationally trained in the field of their interest after a period of time.